North Sonar Foil AK Edition Kite

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Kite and Wake Foiling

Our aluminium mast section with optimised stiffness to weight ratio is ideal for Kitefoiling. The forgiving 55cm mast is suitable for skimming just above the water and easy recovery - ideal for learning to foil or for shallow waters. The 70cm mast is ideal for learning to kitefoil, and freeride foiling in shallow or flat water conditions. The 85cm mast increases overall ride performance in choppy conditions for a more controlled high-speed ride. Features GeoLock.

GeoLock Optimised Load Bearing Connection

Engineered to last, our unique GeoLock tapered geometry locking system provides a more effective load-bearing connection between the Mast and Fuselage, locking them together, so they feel like one piece.

Balanced strength to weight

The aluminium kite mast's section profile reflects an optimised balance for strength to weight ratio.

Sonar AK Board Adaptor Sold Separately

The AK Mast is only compatible with the Sonar AK Board Adaptor. It is not compatible with the Sonar AF Board Adaptor. If you're adding a Kite Mast to the Sonar Foil or Carbon Foil Edition, purchase an AK Board Adaptor too.