North Sonar Dawn Edition

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Where it thrives

Wing, SUP or Surf foiling

What riders say

"If you’re learning to foil, longer fuselage is the way to." - George Hradil

New horizons

The A700 fuselage and AF72 Mast combine to create a stable, controllable foil system that can be matched with any front wing, so you can learn to wing, SUP, surf and kite foil with confidence. The forgiving longer fuselage delays the pitching moment, giving you greater time to react. It’s precisely CNC-machined and hydrodynamically optimised shape offers minimal resistance, while the aluminium mast delivers the best balance between light weight and increased strength for higher loads. The AF72 mast is also ideal for shallower waters and prone surf foiling. Simply choose the Sonar Front Wing best suited to your needs to complete your setup (Sonar Front Wings, Foil Board and foil to board attachment hardware sold separately)

Fuselage 700mm

Cruise control. Forgiving 700mm long fuselage improves stability when paired with any wing. Ideal for learning to foil, the longer fuselage delays the pitching moment, giving you more time to react.