Ainsworth POLY CARB Performance Range glass shaft 3 piece

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Poly Carbonate Performance Range

Our Polycarbonate SUP paddles offer the same  dihedral blade design as the Carbon range. We offer three blade dimensions, Small, Medium & Large.


Polycarbonate plastic alloy is a ‘state of the art ‘modern polymer that enhances superior strength and toughness over conventional thermoplastics used for paddle blades.

The superior strength  of achieved in the polymerisation process and unlike Polyprop or Nylon, which require glass filler powder to make them anywhere stiff enough for even a mediocre paddle, and which serves only to separate the molecular structure and actually weakens the paddle.

 Polycarb. Is used for the construction of riot shields, a demonstration of the superior material that it is. This level of paddle  blade construction can take the abuse of Adventure Centres and with a useful temperature range of between – 10 deg. and + 40 deg. the longevity of the paddle  is  guaranteed.

Carbon composite shafts

At AINSWORTH, we incorporate 45-degree Bi Axial carbon fibers into our shafts, which increases their ultimate tensile strength (UTS). This is in contrast to other brands that only use fibers at 0/90 degrees, resulting in a weak point that may break. Moreover, the Bi Axial shaft induces an inherent spring into the structure, significantly enhancing the stroke's performance. Our shaft's exceptional strength, combined with a 10-degree kick back of the dihedral blade, not only advances the "catch" but also forces quicker drain at the end of the stroke.

Glassfibre Shafts

In addition to our carbon fiber shafts, AINSWORTH also provides glass fiber shafts that are more gentle on sensitive or achy limbs. Glass fiber has 3-5 times the elongation at break compared to carbon fiber, making the glass shaft more flexible, while still demonstrating toughness suitable for challenging conditions in adventure centers.

Adjustable shafts

At AINSWORTH, we provide adjustable-length shafts in both glass and carbon constructions. While they may not be as rigid as fixed-length shafts, they do offer the flexibility to adjust the length depending on the user's preference or the paddling style. A shorter length allows for a higher stroke rate, while a longer length offers a more relaxed cruising mode.


When selecting the appropriate paddle length, it is crucial to consider your height and the type of stand-up paddleboarding you plan to do. At AINSWORTH, we have developed a paddle guide to assist you in this process. However, it is important to note that personal preference is also a significant factor in choosing the perfect paddle length.

Blade Shape

Having the correct paddling technique is crucial as an incorrect technique can negatively affect the blade's efficiency. At Ainsworth, we incorporate the dihedral shape into our SUP blades to assist in controlling water flow around the blade. This design also allows for sustained power output. Our blades feature power curves (scoops) on either side of the blade's centre, which enables better control and greater water pressure (=power) while reducing the chances of blade flutter, even when not fully immersed in the water. Our latest carbon blade designs are teardrop-shaped and come in three sizes: Small (540cm² = 84in²), Medium (585cm² = 91in²), and Large (640cm² = 99in²).


At Ainsworth, we take pride in producing the strongest, lightest, and most durable paddles available in the market. We are highly confident in the performance of our paddles, and therefore we offer a one-year warranty to our customers. The warranty starts from the date of purchase and is limited to the original purchaser. It covers any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. However, it is important to note that the warranty does not cover edge wear. Any damages resulting from abuse, negligence, or normal wear and tear will be repaired or replaced for a reasonable charge.


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