Slackline Gibbon CLASSIC X13 - 15m

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  • Ordinarie pris 649 kr
Inklusive moms Fraktberäknas i kassan.

A slackline that offers fun to children and grownups alike!


Populärt och prisvärt kit från världsledande gibbon! 

Snabb och enkel montering. Förvarings- och transportpåse samt instruktionsmanual medföljer.

The CLASSIC LINE X13 is the ideal slackline for children and teenagers with advanced requierements. The ambition is enhanced with longer distances, as it becomes harder and harder to master this challenge.
It is popular with beginners and allrounders who want to be able to use their line everywhere. Easy to handle and durable, two good reasons for its success. It is ideal for the use in sports gyms and any training environment. TÜV certified. With the integrated ratchet cover Ratpad, the set complies with DIN 79400 (German Industry Norm) standards.