North Windsurfing - Wave 3Di 2024

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North Sails' next generation Wave sail empowers radical wave sailors to push boundaries limitlessly, either in the pocket of the wave or in the air. This featherweight sail, with a low swing weight, wants to be thrown around with precision and control. No stitching, no seams. All moulded into one piece out of exclusive Dyneema Aramid Fibers, for a super strong sail, with a carbon fiber Helix SL load path to give you a lively pop in the hands. Updated twist and design profiles create more forward drive which allow you to draw out solid front foot carves in the bottom turns, right on the rail. The sail then transitions like lightning to set-up a slashing off the top, either in the air or carving, forward and back into the wave's critical section. The sail also has improved upper wind range and stability, meaning that the rider can focus on their manoeuvers, including high jumps with fast rotation and control. Revolutionary technology for windsurfing, brought to you exclusively by North Sails. Go Beyond


  • 3Di Molded Technology
  • Integrated Material Reinforcements
  • Integrated Batten Pockets with double tunnel
  • Rock-it Batten Tensioner
  • EZ Clew
  • EZ Downhaul Wave


  • 3Di Dyneema Aramid Tape Material with a Carbon Helix SL load path
  • Larger Clear Monofilm Window for maximum visibility
  • Coated Polyester Sleeve - 1 piece