Free V-foil strap set

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Experience greater control and connection to your foil with our lightweight cushioned foil board straps. The V-shaped front strap allows you to switch feet when tacking, without needing to double-up on straps. The straps also provide a tactile reference for ideal foot positioning, easier take-offs and fine-trimming of the foil. With a wide range of adjustment for all shapes and sizes, the Free-V Straps let you fully customise your fit and stance for improved flight control


Standard Footstrap, V-Footstrap, 5x 6.3x25mm Screws, 5x M6x18mm Screws, 5x M6x20mm Screws, 4x Single Washers, 45deg Washer


    V-shaped double front strap
    Angled front centre washer
    KnitFlex 4-way stretch inner
    Minimalist design
    Screw hole reinforcement
    Centred rear strap configuration
    Elasticized strap-end screw covers
    Wide range of foot strap positions
    Micro strap adjustment capabilities
    Freedom within the footstrap
    Compatible with Seek - Swell - Scoop - Sense