Kona Aloha 11´6 + fast paddel - Begagnat paket

  • Försäljning
  • 5 999 kr
  • Ordinarie pris 9 999 kr
Inklusive moms Fraktberäknas i kassan.

Nu säljer vi ut våra begagnade SUP'ar som använts under säsongen.
Nedan finner du mer info om SUP'en. 
I paketet finns även begagnad fast paddel från Ainsworth.


Aloha is the perfect SUP for the paddler that prefers to paddle in though environments. The board has been developed to be extremely durable. Rental
establishments will find a board that suits their needs of a strong and stable board that can be used repeatedly. Thanks to its soft rails it is highly appreciated by the paddler.