North Windsurfing Free Race

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A sail that benefits from all the same development as the Slalom Race sail, but that is more suited to your local race. The sail keeps a high speed but with slightly less effort, allowing you to focus on control and trimming your board. The lightweight feel combined with an incredible wind range makes this sail ideal for freeriding around your local spot. The new air cam system, combined with splitting batten pockets & battens, locks power in the sail and maximizes speed. A radically different Free Race sail, not like any other sail out there today. Revolutionary technology for windsurfing, brought to you exclusively by North Sails. Go Beyond. d


3Di Molded Technology

Air Cam

Integrated Material Reinforcements

Integrated Batten Pockets + Splitting Pockets & Battens

Rock-It Batten Tensioner

EZ Clew

EZ Downhaul Race
3Di Carbon Dyneema Aramid Tape Material

Clear Windows, Either PVC or Monofilm

High Tensile Strength, Laminated, Paneled Sleeve